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About Claudette Saint-Paquette

Claudette is the founder and president of Laurier Translations in Hamilton Ontario. She has many years of diversified experience. First as an ESL teacher in Quebec, then as a translator in the marketing services of a large corporation in Ontario; she also spent several years working for the Federal Government. Finally, for the past ten years she has owned and operated a translation agency.

Throughout these years, Claudette has also contributed much of her own time to working with non-profit organizations in the francophone community of Southern Ontario, gaining valuable public relations experience. She is conscientious, reliable and devoted to her clients and associates. These qualities, added to a positive attitude and a perpetual good humour, make her an excellent business partner. Email Claudette at claudette@lauriertranslations.com

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A Testament to our Translation Services
“It is imperative that no meaning in our terminology is lost in translation.  We have been very satisfied with Laurier Translations in this regard. Laurier Translations has a wide variety of translators who seem to have the knowledge and ability to handle all our translation needs, sometimes at a very short notice. Claudette Saint puts a personal touch on the work to make sure that questions are addressed quickly and that the final product is top quality”
Cindy Walsh, EDI Program Manager, Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario